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 Providing the right amount of water at the right time will ensure a healthier landscape

An automatic landscape sprinkler system is convenient, time saving, and water efficient.

Time is precious and there are too many things that occupy our minds, but we want our landscape investment to be protected.  When your plants need water to grow or just survive, can you always remember when to water and how much?  An automatic sprinkler system installed by our experienced team under the oversight of our licensed irrigator can save hours of your time, provide the right amount of water at the right time, and direct the water at the landscape with minimal waste of this precious resource. 

We take great care to protect the existing landscape during installation.  An istallation plan is decided on by an irrigator who is licensed by the state of Texas.  All pertinant utilities are notified and marked prior to installation in order to prevent disruption of phone, internet, gas, etc.  In order to preserve the integrity of the area, all digging is done by hand and returned to its original condition as much as possible.  Only high quality commercial grade materials are used.  Upon completion of the installation, the customer is acquainted with the system which includes a visual of all the areas being watered and a tutorial as to how to operate the system. Typically, after the system is set up the first time there is minimal need to make changes to the program.  We are always a phone call away if our customers need help or forget something.    


  •                                                                                                                                 Drainage            Solutions      

Drainage can be done a number of ways

Water build up can cause problems with plantings, sod, mosquitoes, water intrusion into the house, and much more.  Because we have such little slope in the Houston area, drainage is a major concern for most homeowners.  There are several ways to address the problem: 

1.  Simple grading and/or the addition of planting beds can solve most problems.

2.  Under eaves with no gutters and along low lying fence areas a trough of cement, flagstone, or pavers can be an inexpensive and affective fix.

3.  Sometimes it is necessary to install a drainage system using pipe and catch basins. Typically 4" pvc sewer and drain pipe is used and connected to a series of catch basins with drain grates and channeled to the street .  Using pvc is much preferable than using corrugated flex pipe because it is less likely to clog. 

4.  If there is a problem in the yard and a catch basin would be too intrusive, a French drain can be installed.  This is perforated pipe covered with gravel and weed cloth and covered with either sand, or sod.  French have a slower percolation than a catch basin system and as such are less efficient.

5. Sometimes the only outlet for the water is either up hill or a long run of level ground.  In such instances, an active drain system is needed.  This consists of catch basins connected to a sump by drain pipes.  In the sump is an electric pump which is activated when it fills with water and forces the water to a satisfactory discharge point.

You can count on us to install the most appropriate type to solve your drainage problems.


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